Michelle Morin

Michelle Morin has been with Albrechta & Coble, Ltd. since 2013.  As the receptionist and general office assistant Michelle is a crucial part of the Albrechta & Coble staff.  She keeps the appointments organized, the clients comfortable, and the attorneys focused and on time, and she does it all with a smile on her face!  Michelle enjoys working directly with clients to make sure they are receiving the services they need and feel part of the Albrechta & Coble family.

Michelle graduated from Woodmore High School where she also attended Penta Career Center and received a certificate of completion in the Administrative Assistant program.  After high school Michelle worked for Key Bank’s credit card collection department in Toledo, Ohio and the Ohio BMV office in Fremont.  Michelle moved to Texas in 2001 for about 6 years.  In Texas she worked at the Nueces County Jail in Corpus Christi.  While in Texas she met her husband.  Her family moved back to Ohio in 2007.

Michelle, her husband and three kids live and work in Fremont.  While her husband would prefer to be saltwater fishing in Texas, he enjoys taking the family fishing at the Sandusky River, Lake Erie and Fremont’s new reservoir.  Michelle’s tight knit family also enjoys Texas style barbeques and spending time with their extended family in their free time.  Michelle’s positive spirit and ever present smile are the foundation of the Albrechta & Coble experience.

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starting quotes I want to encourage everyone to use the law firm of Albrechta & Coble.  My family has been with Joe Albrechta and his office for 10 years.  They have helped me through the death and loss of our daughter-in-law after a tragic accident.  The office was there for me when I then lost my son… ending quotes

Todd Lindsey | Albrechta and Coble, Ltd.

starting quotes I have complete confidence in the law firm of Albrechta & Coble. With the help, support, and advice of their lawyers and staff I was able to protect my family’s heritage farm and my children through a very difficult divorce. I highly recommend Albrechta & Coble for any and all legal needs. ending quotes